Clear Braces

Clear braces are perhaps the closest option to invisible braces that you can choose. These types of braces are great for those who would want to be as discreet as possible when it comes to braces. You will reap the benefits that come along with braces like a straighter smile and an elevated self-esteem.

You will not have to worry about issues associated with misaligned teeth like tooth fractions. Not to mention the fact that people with misaligned teeth are more likely to get cavities or even gingivitis. This is because misaligned teeth create gaps between the teeth that allow bacteria to hide. The toothbrush and floss may have a hard time reaching some of these regions giving the bacteria an opportunity to wreak havoc on your teeth.

One big benefit of choosing clear braces is that you get the best of both worlds. Braces are great because they can handle severe cases, and they can relocate the teeth a lot faster than removable aligners. The other great thing is they are still as invisible as you might have hoped for. Keep in mind that these types of braces do require care and cleanliness to ensure their transparency at all times. Of course, you can be sure that our team will teach you how to care for your braces before you head back home.

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