Cosmetic Dentistry

Appearance matters more than one might want to admit. Of course, appearance could make someone feel good, but it could have negative effects on a person’s self-esteem. A recent study shows that a healthy-looking smile could make someone seem trustworthy, attractive, and successful. In fact, the overall look of your teeth could end up helping you get that promotion, or you may get that date that you have been trying to get.

One might imagine that cosmetic dentistry is mostly about dental whitening, but dental whitening can only do so much. People with stains that have penetrated the dentin might need veneers. Think of veneers as specifically designed tooth shells. These shells restore natural dental color and blend into the rest of your teeth. The material is durable and can even help deal with dental fractures or mild cracks.

Filling cracks or straightening teeth could help reduce the risk of cavities. Cracks could also cause pain or put you in danger of losing a tooth since the tooth is vulnerable. Misaligned teeth could lead to issues like gingivitis because bacteria can get lodged in the gaps that are hard to reach with a regular toothbrush. Talk to us about your needs, and let us help you reach your goals while ensuring your overall oral health is optimal.

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