Dental Implants

Dental implants are a little more than medical-grade screws, which is what most assume when they think of these implants. Implants are perhaps one of the most known dental procedures and one of the most feared. Sure, the implant does require an anchor (or anchors) to be surgically placed on the lower or upper jawbone underneath the gum line. The replacement tooth will be placed on the anchor. The jawbone usually heals in three to six months. The anchors will fuse into the jawbone as the bone grows around it. This secures the implant in place. One benefit of using implants is that they feel and act like real teeth.

You should know that our team of specialists will ensure that this process is done correctly. We take our time to ensure that the prosthetic tooth fits perfectly. It is no secret that skipping the step of ensuring that the prosthetic tooth or abutment fits might cause discomfort. We want your mouth to feel normal when the entire procedure is complete. Be sure to not let too much time pass because missing teeth could cause teeth to shift and compromise your bite.

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